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We have consistently taken the position that progressive (no-line) multi-focal lenses are cosmetic.  Progressive lenses require an initial period of training and adjustment for the first-time wearer.  There is a small percentage of people who never adapt to progressive lenses and continue with regular bifocal or trifocal lenses. 

Because of this non-adapt possibility we strongly suggest that a company neither allow nor provide progressive lenses to a first-time wearer under its industrial eye safety program.

We recommend that an employee interested in first-time progressive lenses should get them initially as personal eyewear for non-work use.  This way, any problems that might arise during the initial adjustment period would be handled by the employee with his/her personal eye care provider.

If an employee has already purchased the first progressive lenses and his/her eyes have adjusted, it is reasonable to allow progressives in safety eyewear. 

We bring this matter to your attention to maintain the high quality service required for an effective, cost controlled eye protection program. 

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